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All pupils and students of all educational institutions are familiar with the concept of “essay”. This prose essay on a specific topic is created by all students so that the teacher can determine the knowledge and thinking in a particular subject. But besides the usual one, in science, there is the concept of an “extended essay”, which is part of the mandatory program for preparing for a diploma in the international baccalaureate system. In this case, the essay is considered the student’s research in a particular course and affects the final grade for it. If for some reason, the commission gives a low mark on an extended essay, the student does not receive a diploma.

Writing an extended essay is a laborious process that requires knowledge and time from the author. Not only the grade for the course or semester depends on this work, but whether the student will receive a diploma of education at all. An extended essay has a lot of criteria and conditions that authors must comply with to achieve the expected result. Initially, you need to find out which English extended essay topics or any other language that the author needs are available to him.

How to write an extended essay?

An extended essay begins by choosing a suitable topic. All students try to pick up good extended essay topics because this is already the key to success in their work. The more interesting and unique the topic, the more likely the work as a whole will be special. The main recommendation on the topic is to write about what you like and what motivates you. That is, the subject should be:

  • interesting;
  • relevant to the subject;

If the subject is related to science, then an extended essay can include any scientific direction. It’s the same with art, economics, and other areas. Preparation for the essay begins in advance, and its topic is discussed with the supervisor, who will be able to orient the student and choose the direction in the subject that is suitable for him.

Help and features in an essay

To use extended essay ideas and help with them, you can contact the curator of the work or search for the necessary information on the net. It should be remembered that the essay topic is selected based on the student’s course, but in parallel, it must correspond to one of the 6 scientific directions according to the IB system. It is not forbidden to use topics previously chosen by students or what is offered on the Internet. It often happens that the creation of a topic and the subsequent writing of an essay are obtained after reading the proposals on the network.

An extended essay has not only its terms of writing but also limitations in size. The student must disclose the topic as widely as possible, without going beyond the established scope of the volume of the text. That is why it is recommended to choose topics of a narrow profile to get acquainted with all the details and subtleties. For example, history extended essay topics can cover entire centuries, generations of world rulers, etc. But it would be much more accurate to reveal the topic, for example, of a specific decade, historical event, or famous person with all their consequences.

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